Signs Of Truth

Signs Of Truth was formed in Strängnäs, Sweden in 2010 by Roger Edlund (Bass), Thomas Furustig (Guitars) and Johan Lagerkvist (Drums).

Over the years the band have tried out several bandmembers, but the backbone with Roger and Thomas has remained intact.

On May 24th of 2018, Signs Of Truth played as special guest to former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley with members: Patrik Holm – Vocals/keyboards, Roger Edlund – Bass, Thomas Furustig - Guitars, Andreas Larsson – Guitars and Mattias Åström – Drums. On the 5th of June 2018 the same setup of Signs Of Truth released the EP "Signs from the past". Later both Mattias and Andreas left the band, but in 2019 Stafen Englin (Drums) and Johan Kallström (Guitars) joined Signs Of Thruth and has contributed to a new sound.


It has taken about ten years for the band to find the members that is equally dedicated to the band.

Signs Of Truth are currently writing songs for the upcoming EP with working title ”Signs of a future” and are sounding better than ever.

The sound of Signs Of Truth has been described as melodic classic metal.

The members has very different backgrounds and musical influences that are stretched from Thrash, Doom , Progressive, Glam to Hard rock.

These different influences are all a part of the Signs Of Truth sound that is both unique and recognizable.

                                                         Signs Of Truth members:

ROGER EDLUND - Bass         THOMAS FURUSTIG - Guitars       PATRIK HOLM - Vocals/Keyboard                            JOHAN KALLSTRÖM - Guitars        STAFEN ENGLIN - Drums

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